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King of the jungleOn this safari, you will enjoy outstanding wilderness game viewing of African animals in a natural setting, excellent meals, the company, protection and services of the best guides and staff available who will endeavor to anticipate your needs, well maintained safari cars, comfortable camps, and, very importantly, memorable campfires over which you will reminisce that day's adventures!

Time and Cost
The ideal time is 10 to 14 days with the cost being $3,500 to $4,900 per person based on a daily rate of $350 per day.

The safari cost includes excellent meals, an open bar, lodging in a  combination of classic safari tents, chalets and traditional African rhondavels, hot showers, daily laundry service, ground transportation and 24 hour a day services of an experienced guide who has been raised in Zimbabwe and knows the African bush and its animals.

NOTE: Seven days is the minimum length of a safari. We can custom design any length of stay you would like. The optimum number on safari is four. But, we can design safaris from 1 person to 8 people.

General Information
Your safari will begin in Harare, Zimbabwe. Harare is the capital and largest city in Zimbabwe. The country of Zimbabwe is a tourist oriented country with progressive game management policies and an active tourism industry. Rest assured it is one of the safest sub-Saharan countries in Africa by U.S. State Department travel advisory.

This safari is a blend of the most outstanding features of Zimbabwe including wildlife, natural wonders, and the ancient culture at the prehistoric site of "Great Zimbabwe".

ITINERARY Victoria Falls

This agenda is offered as an example of a standard tour from Mokore Safaris. We have a lot of latitude in customizing your trip for you.

Day 1, 2, 3, 4 - Arrive at Harare Airport
Land at Harare and board a plane to Victoria Falls (Cost - approximately $50.00 US). You will spend the next three nights at Sizinda Lodge in the 30,000 acre Matetsi safari area. This is private property for the Safari guests only. This area and lodge is owned buy your outfitter and only your party (8 people max) will be at the lodge. During this time, you will visit Victoria Falls and see why the local natives called the falls "the smoke that thunders", tour Victoria Falls National Park, one of the finest in Africa and take game walks through the Matesi Safari Area.

Day 5, 6, 7- Kariba
Commercial Flight to Kariba in northern Zimbabwe (Cost - approximately $40.00 US). Kariba is the site of the largest dam and man-made lake on the continent of Africa. You will be picked up by your guide in a safari car and driven to a camp on the border of the Zambezi River in Chewoke Safari area, The drive is approximately 4 hours. This area is game rich with elephant, buffalo, hippo, lion , and numerous species of antelope but keep in mind that this is not a park but wild Africa as it was at the beginning of this century. On boat trips on the Zambezi river you can see elephant, buffalo, and hippo, and fish for tiger fish. Other alternatives includes game walks that can bring you close to animals in their own environment such as buffalo and elephant.

Day 8- Drive to Harare
You will drive to Harare and may spend the night in a private home where you will enjoy warm, Zimbabwe hospitality.  The next day will be spent touring the city and shopping in the better souvenir shops and the local markets.

Day 9, 10- Drive to Inyanga
This area of the Eastern Highlands in Zimbabwe will surprise you! During your two nights in a fine hotel, you will be surrounded by coniferous forests and trout streams that remind you of some of the western states. The evenings will be cool making the log fires in the lodge each night a welcomed routine.

Two-headed giraffe?Day 10, 11, 12- Mokore
Safari car (5 hours) to Mokore Safari Camp in the fabulous Save Valley Safari area. This area is unique for several reasons. It is the site of the first and only successful elephant relocation project on the continent of Africa. The conservancy contains the "big five" animals of Africa roaming freely over the largest (850,000 acres!) privately held game conservancy in the world. You will see Africa as it existed 100 years ago. Don't be surprised if you fall in love with this area! The route you take will trace the steps taken by the famed 18th century hunter and guide, Frederic C. Selous D.S.O., when he blazed the first trail through this country to the present country of Zambia in the late 1800's. Your guide will share the local history as well as many stories and anecdotes about Zimbabwe history. You will see the largest baobab tree in Zimbabwe, and it may be the largest tree you will ever see.  Botanists estimate that the tree was growing before the birth of Christ. You will spend three memorable and fantastic days doing game drives, sitting in game blinds, game walks, and enjoy particularly exciting night game drives in an area with facilities that will make you think you have been transported to Out of Africa!

Day 13, 14- BulawayoAfrican dancing
Drive to Bulawayo near Mbalabala and visit the Great Zimbabwe ruins on the way. The ruins are a prehistoric site of the largest city in sub-Saharan Africa. The ancient natives of Zimbabwe built a civilization here that lived in stone houses and traded in gold and ivory. You will spend two nights in Bulawayo, the most historic and second largest city in
Zimbabwe. Take notice of the especially wide streets. They were laid out in accordance with Sir Cecil Rhodes' orders that the street be wide enough so that a team of twenty oxen can turn around in the street. You will visit the Natural History Museum where you learn the history of the country. The visit to the Matopos Hill Area Game Parks will be especially enjoyable. As a side light, Cecil Rhodes is buried here. It is also the site of the last major battle between colonial forces and remnants of the great Zulu chief Mzilikazi who formed the Matabele nation. His son Lobengula conquered the Shona tribes and controlled the area that was later explored by Cecil Rhodes and Frederick Selous.  This area extended from present day South Africa north to the Zambezi River and the Republic of Zambia.

This is where your safari will end.

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