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Hike & Picnic At

1:00pm on Sunday May 19th


(if it rains on Sunday, then the hike will be on holiday Monday May 20th)

Hey Adventure Enthusiasts,

Let's get out of the city and have some fun on the Victoria Day long weekend! Bring your entire family including friends, relatives and neighbours - All Are Welcome! Grab your hiking shoes and your favorite sandwich because you're invited to join us for a fun-filled day of exploration, ending with a relaxing picnic! We’re heading to the beautiful and rugged Limehouse Conservation Area just west of Georgetown (only 35 minutes from Square One), a spot known for its stunning natural scenery. It features dramatic limestone cliffs, deep rock fissures, and dense forests that offer a beautiful backdrop for hiking and photography.


Don't miss the “Hole in the Wall”: This feature is a favorite among visitors. It includes a ladder and narrow passages through rock fissures that lead to hidden caves and crevices, providing an adventurous element to your hiking experience. The trail includes both easy walks and more challenging rocky sections, suitable for different skill levels. Your kids will love it!

Here’s What to Expect:​

  • Scenic and adventurous hike (FREE ENTRANCE & FREE PARKING): We'll embark on a moderate hike, during which, hikers can go "off-road" enjoying climbing up and down various rock formations and exploring deep rock fissures and crevices.

  • Picnic in the open field: After our hike, we’ll set up folding tables and camping chairs to enjoy a well-deserved picnic in the outdoors. Whether you pack a gourmet spread or a simple snack, it’s all about enjoying the moment and the company!

  • Games & Activities: Post-picnic, join in for some fun outdoor games or just kick back and relax in the beauty of nature.


Things to Bring:

  • Comfortable hiking shoes or grippy running shoes (do NOT wear sandals on the hike due to some smooth rocks we'll be climbing on)

  • Wear long pants because we'll be moving in and out of rocky areas

  • Bring a back pack

  • Water and snacks to enjoy while on the trail

  • Food and drinks for your family for the Picnic after the hike (this is NOT a potluck picnic - each family is to bring food and drinks for their own family)

  • Sunscreen and a hat

  • Camping or folding chairs if you have (if not, let us know how many chairs you need and we'll provide them)

  • Camera or phone for photos

  • It you don't have a vehicle, please let us know and we'll try really hard to get you a ride

Things NOT to Bring:

  • Don't bring a stroller (the trail is way too rough for strollers)

  • Don't bring very young children unless you're willing to carry them most of the time

  • Don't wear sandals during the hike (some rock surfaces are slippery and smooth which requires running shoes or hiking shoes)


Please RSVP by Thursday May 16th so we can plan accordingly. We can't wait to hit the trail with you and create some memorable moments together. Let’s make this a day to remember! Rob and Nadia will be filming the adventure with their Samsung S24 Ultras AND their DJI Mini 4 Pro Drone (edited video to be uploaded to YouTube).


We'll See You Soon, and Happy Trails Dear Friends!


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