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Come Celebrate

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Friday February 17th

6:45pm to 10:00pm

Hillcrest Neighbourhood

Party Invitation

Come meet your neighbours & bring your kids

Price of Admission: Bring One Delicious Dish 

for a fun evening of games, crafts & friendship!


Mississauga Valley Community Centre
Program Room 1
1275 Mississauga Valley Blvd


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We're sensitive to everyone's dietary needs, so we'll have

IT'S POTLUCK, so kindly bring your favourite dish to share

separate tables for halal, non-halal, vegetarian & beef dishes

Family Feud for Grown Ups

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Fun Group Games For Kids

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Hot Potato

Duck Duck Goose (Time 0_01_07;12).png

Duck Duck Goose 

We'll provide the supplies

so your kids can make

any crafts they like

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Park Ministry 2022 (Time 0_17_00;05).png
Park Ministry 2022 (Time 0_15_44;02).png
Park Ministry 2022 (Time 0_15_03;15).png

Shooting Range

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Winter Party 2022.autosave (Time 0_07_59;25).png
Winter Party 2022.autosave (Time 0_08_14;08).png
Winter Party 2022.autosave (Time 0_08_27;00).png

Blocks, Cars, Legos & Animals

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Park Ministry 2022 (Time 0_12_47;02).png

Fun Tattoos

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